a MOMEK Group and Elkem Carbon Solutions Cooperation         Patent 344720

Autonomous robot welding system for on-site welding on Söderberg electrode casings

Improves working conditions and HSE for the operator by reducing exposure to dust, noise, fumes and static work.

Works together with the operator following the electrodes movement.

Increases productivity. Improves efficiency. Saves time.

Following Industry 4.0, the WelderMate® takes the Söderberg Electrode into the future.


The WelderMate® is doing the hard work and limiting human exposure for health risks and danger. The WelderMate is made for a rough and hot environment, and has a pressurized protective cover. It handles harsh working conditions far better than humans. The result is a much safer work environment for the operator.

If the WelderMate® detects physical resistance it stops all operation to ensure the safety of the operator.

The WelderMate®:

  • Reduce exposure to dust and fumes such as welding gases, NOX, PAH fumes, process fumes, SiO, sulphur etc and eliminate a demanding operation
  • Reduce risk of hand and finger injuries
  • Reduce risk of exposure to heat for extended periods
  • Reduce risk of electrocution
  • Reduce potential risk of exposure to dangerous conditions, in case of furnace instability for various reasons


The WelderMate® optimizes operation for a high quality weld. The high quality of the weld reduces the risk of soft electrode breakage and furnace downtime causing significant losses. In addition, the high quality weld reduces energy consumption and ensures consistent and low resistance current paths for an optimal electrode baking.

WelderMate® operates semi-autonomous and at a fast welding speed on Söderberg Electrodes. This makes the man hours shorter and the operator team smaller, saving costs and labour.


With machine-vision, the WelderMate is mapping its surroundings for job planning and extreme accuracy. Every job is logged with images and data for documentation, control and backtracking – all stored in the cloud. The data can further be used for improving operation based on local variations through adjustments of working parameters and through big data machine learning.

The WelderMate® is truly ready for industry 4.0.


The WelderMate® reduces emission of CO2 by improved furnance operation, material yield and reduced energy consumption. In addition, as a result of the optimized welding process, the consumption of welding materials is lowered.

360º ARM

With 6 axis the WelderMate®can easily position itself for a perfect weld.


The WelderMate® is made for a rough and hot environment, and has a pressurized protective cover.


The WelderMate® is lightweight, and easily mounted on the systems “electrode sleeve” by one operator.


Franciscus Prins

Director Marketing & Sales, Elkem, Norway

Franciscus Prins is a metallurgical engineer who worked in the ferroalloys industry before joing Elkem Carbon Solutions, 17 years ago. He has many years of experience with Søderberg electrodes and visited numerous smelters wordwide to support Elkem’s customers with their electrode operations over the years.

Technical Support

Alexander Johansen

CEO MOMEK Services and WelderMate

Alexander has a degree in industrial mechanics as well as economics and management from Bergen University College. Alexander has worked in the industry for more than 20 years, and from 2016-2021 as CEO of MOMEK Services AS. Alexander has played a key role from the start in the development of WelderMate, and has in-depth knowledge to WelderMates construction, installation and operation.

Alexander will be responsible for technical clarifications, installation and support, and will have direct contact with customers both before and after installation.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The sheer nature of the WelderMate makes it an integral part of the future through ensuring a sustainable development for the söderberg smelting industry. WelderMate significantly contributes to environmental, economic and social sustainability and respond to several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.